Supporting Community Colleges

Our philosophy is to assist higher education providers with their understanding of the changing landscape and expectations in community college. The Higher Education Institute helps you understand yourself, your role in education and how understanding the bifurcation needed will lead to student success.

The Higher Ed Institute is an organization that will empower you

and your team with knowledge of the community college system. The community college system is a complex system that allows opportunity and access to higher education needs without the high costs. The educational system has gone through change over the last 25 years. The need to provide job training, re-entry, transfer-level education, k-12 dual or concurrent enrollment and working with businesses are just a few things that the community college system provides. It is the understanding of this complex system that leads to successful institutions. It is a lack of understanding and/or a lack of appreciation of the changing world of work that leads to issues with student success and weakening partnerships. The role of the Higher Ed Institute is to provide

a platform to understand the complex needs of the environment;

along with the need to provide personalized or individualized counseling, guidance, and assistance. Our staff can assist you individually. We can also assist with programmatic needs such as accreditation, program evaluation, and other needs in the community college environment. Our staff comes with decades of experience. Our staff also has a varied background of consultants ready to assist.

We invite you to be apart of the growing and learning community.


The Higher Education Insitute