Workshops That Will Improve Your Organization

We develop leaders at all levels of the institution by inspiring individuals to examine issues and execute strategies to create meaningful change throughout the organization. 

Leadership Development Academy

Leadership development is essential to organizational success in today’s fast-changing and complex institutions. The Higher Ed Institute helps institutions develop their own Leadership Development Academy (LDA) that establishes a leadership center of excellence on site for the development of leaders throughout the institution. We encourage institutions to identify emerging leaders from all sectors of the institution who are interested in positively impacting the environment. The training provided through the LDA is a personal and professional empowerment experience for participants.  

We conduct an assessment of training needs and design the curriculum based on assessment results. The curriculum focuses on the environment in which institution operates, the key functional areas of leadership, the development, and implementation of higher education strategy and execution. Classroom learning is brought to life through hands-on exercises that demonstrate how a community college practitioner applies the concepts in a holistic and integrated way.

Leading Equity-Centered Institutions


In this session, equity within higher education institutions is examined in two parts: practices and policies. The phrase “equity in higher education” refers to creating opportunities for equal access and success in higher education among historically underrepresented student populations, such as ethnic minority and low-income students.  The session explores how institutional practices and policies influence aspirations, motivation, and outcomes.


Responsive Teaching and Learning


The link between culture and classroom instruction is derived from evidence that cultural practices shape thinking processes, which serve as tools for learning within and outside of school (Hollins, l996). Thus, culturally responsive education recognizes, respects, and uses students' identities and backgrounds as meaningful sources (Nieto, 2000) for creating optimal learning environments.  This four-hour session is designed to help leaders understand how to create and sustain culturally responsive classrooms and student service programs:


Culturally Responsive Institutions


Many educational institutions are trying to create an environment that naturally fosters cultural sensitivity and responsiveness. How do you bring cultural responsiveness to the level of ‘normal’ within the institution? What are some innovative ways to establish cultural responsiveness in the institution and support it? This day-long session is designed to help leaders connect culturally responsiveness to the mission of the institution. It provides information that can be used by colleges to create culturally responsive environments. The day-long work session brings various campus constituent groups together to help them learn how to enhance their understanding of culturally responsiveness. We focus on; 90 Day Action Plan, Climate and Condition Review, Talent development platform, Team building, Communication,, Personal effectiveness, Team effectiveness.